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Welcome to Yandere Simulator!

Osana"s original look had orange eyes and her hair in two golden orange pigtails. Osana"s hair was tied up in two plump scrunchies and she had a purple bow on the right side of her head. She wore white leg warmers. This appearance was given to Rival-chan, a stand-in for Osana. Current Osana"s new model has long, orange twintails that reach her knees. The ends of her hair fade into a small yellow gradient. Her hair is tied up in thin pink scrunchies with white polka dots, and she wears salmon pink stockings with white polka dots. Her shoes will be black. She wears a small red bow on the right side of her head.

Osana Najimi

Timeline Fridge Brilliance Osana Najimi is a Tsundere Patient Childhood Love Interest , and according to a post on 4chan, the other rivals will be harem archetypes as well a Cool Big Sis type, a substitute teacher , the School Nurse , his little sister , etc. The fridge brilliance comes in when you realize Yan-chan is also a harem archetype; aside from the obvious , she"s his kohai!

Why is Midori Gurin part of the Gaming Club? Because she is used as an Audience Surrogate in the developer videos.

She can also carry a knife without drawing suspicion.

Timeline Don"t let Senpai notice you! We"re going to have to get rid of her. Its protagonist is a high-school girl, the titular"Yandere-chan" real name Ayano"Yan-chan" Aishi , who until recently felt empty. That all changed the day she met Senpai and developed an obsession for him or her at first sight. Unfortunately, Senpai is starting to get pretty popular at school. So, what"s a girl to do to keep Senpai for herself? Why, remove any rivals for Senpai"s affection by any means necessary!

Please note that, as this is a game still in development, things can and often do change radically with subsequent updates.

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Free Download This site is not directly affiliated with YandereDev. Any optional software may easily be uninstalled. Yandere Simulator Download Game Overview The world of simulation games has changed enormously over the years. Still, this genre has always allowed gamers to take on a persona and carry out tasks that they may never experience otherwise.

And two, you gain access to this elimination by helping out one of the delinquents read:

Share Rivals are the main antagonists of Yandere Simulator. In the future there will be ten rivals for the ten weeks of Story Mode , with one rival appearing each week. They are the most important people to eliminate, as they all have a crush on Senpai with the exception of Senpai"s sister. If the rival is not eliminated by the end of their week, they will confess their love to Senpai or make him promise to never have a significant other, in the case of Senpai"s sister under the Confession Tree behind the school on Friday, and the player will get a Game Over.

However, not all of them will be based on a"dere" archetype. In the full game, they will not be in the school until their week comes. They will also have a short cut-scene that shows how they met Senpai and why they are attracted to him. He will start to develop a crush on a rival if she has five interaction events with him. There will be one"event" with Senpai each day, with the final event being a love confession.

It is possible for Yandere-chan to sabotage each event. This allows the main character to matchmake every rival with their suitor as a way of eliminating them. The rivals will be able to realize that the player is stalking them, and react accordingly. You have been warned!

Ayano x Budo (a Yandere Simulator fanfic)

I think you"re trash: D I wanna be with Senpai instead. I think you"re a teacher ?

The behavior the Student Council President has before launching into her speech asking if someone"s there, then going"Ugh, it"s you" suggests it"s a stream, rather than something pre-recorded.

Nice to meet you. It"s nice to meet you. It"s nice to finally meet you. You look really pretty. Well, thanks for taking the time to meet me What do people usually ask during these? Just ask them about their hobbies or something! Uh, what are your hobbies?

Welcome to Yandere Simulator!

It"s nice to finally meet you. You look really pretty. Nice to meet you.

The students can end up having their organs harvested, or can even be shipped off to an Eastern European country.

Do you like Yandere Simulator November 1st ? Share it with your friends! Changes on Yandere Simulator November 1st bug fixing update changes and additions bugs fixed and changes include: The first thing you will need to do is click the big green button in the top left of the page, once you This tutorial will briefly teach you the very basics on how to play Yandere Simulator.

You may have been wondering why there hasn"t been the usual two week gaps between uploads of Yandere Simulator, of course our beloved Senpai Yandere Dev was very busy at the back end of November and advised there wouldn"t be a new build for around a month at that point, due to the amount of work going in Free games that are just as good as most that you would pay for!

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Make Out With A Demon In Burning Love, A Yandere Simulator Dating Sim

It"s nice to meet you. It"s nice to finally meet you. You look really pretty. Nice to meet you. Well, thanks for taking the time to meet me What do people usually ask during these?

But if that"s not her elimination method

Yandere Dating Simulator (Yandere Simulator)

You look really pretty.

Yandere Chan

If they fail to do so within an adequate amount of time, the other woman will confess her love and the player will receive the Game Over screen.

Yandere-chan wants to be Senpai"s Girlfriend!

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