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You can help by adding to it. June As of the branch was led by Faisal al-Sani. It is the party branch in Lebanon. The branch held its second congress in October Following the split in the Ba"ath movement with party members split between Syrian and Iraqi allegiances, the Iraqi wing was led by Abd al-Majid Rafei. The party was active in Southern Lebanon and was built with generous aid from Iraq. Assem Qanso of the pro-Syrian Ba"ath Party became a member, but no figures from the pro-Iraqi Ba"ath Party were given a seat on the committee. The government was recognised as Nasserist because the new administration proclaimed its goal as"liberty, socialism and unity", rather than"unity, liberty, socialism" the Ba"ath Party"s slogan. This change in order was important because of the ideological split between the ba"athists and the Nasserists. These committees which at the beginning were led by the people arrested several ba"athists.

Countries With The Lowest Average Elevations

Detail Customize tour Good for: This tour is great for any individuals, couples as well as small groups who want to briefly explore Mekong Delta Vietnam. Stop along the way for glimpses of local handicrafts that provide a living for the river people. Observe from the comfort of your boat life as it play out on the riverbanks - the people, the stunning landscapes - while your attentive crew serves tea and seasonal fruit.

Museum of Technology 18 Savska Street was founded in and it maintains the oldest preserved machine in the area, dating from , which is still operational.

Share this article Share He found that girls are fattened up from the age of eight by their families in a practice referred to as"gavage" - a French word that means force feeding and is used to describe the fattening of geese to make foie gras. Once they reach a marriageable age, girls are sent to"fat camps" in the desert where they are fed 15, calories a day.

For breakfast, the girls have breadcrumbs soaked in olive oil washed down with camel"s milk. They then have frequent meals throughout the day of goat"s meat, bread, figs and couscous, all with more camel milk to drink. Women are encouraged top consume 15, calories a day if they want to find a husband Morton found that many refer to the over-eating as torture and parents have been known to crush their daughters" toes with pincers if they resist. After trying the diet, Morton put on nearly a stone in two days and was left feeling bloated and unhealthy.

The big problem is this often leads to heart failure, repeated heart attacks, rare are the ones who escape" He said: Morton said he felt sick from the food he was having to consume, a problem often experienced by the Mauretanian women. So they have found another way to gain weight that"s easier to stomach but just as damaging to their health - taking pills. At desert"fat camps" girls have to consume pints of camel"s milk a day One local woman told Morton: Women use steroids and they are taking pills made from birds.

These pills are not meant to be used by humans.

Ba"ath Party (Iraqi-dominated faction)

World Facts Countries With The Lowest Average Elevations In the Maldives, the country"s highest natural point is less than 8 feet above sea level, while its highest landform overall is on a man-made golf course! Like much of the nation, this beach in the Maldives lies at sea level. While several of these countries are notable for their picturesque beaches, many will also face increasing challenges as climate change threatens to melt sea ice and subsequently raise sea levels and place low-lying lands underwater.

In many places, this effect may displace millions of people in the years to come. Bangladesh, 85 meteres feet Bangladesh can be found in South Asia and has a population of around million people. Only the country"s Chittagong Hills region is the exception to its average low elevations.

Lakes and marshes have been drained, and many cities are surrounded by dikes that hold back the seawater.

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The currency used in Zagreb is the Kuna. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. If you are traveling to Zagreb, you will need to exchange your currency for the Croatian Kuna. You may exchange your money for the Kuna at most Zagreb banks or at specialized stores called Foreign Exchange Bureaus.

Overnight on board DAY 2:

This area is known to have supported a flourishing culture in the centuries preceding Christianity. Waves of immigrants began to flow into Mauritania in the third century AD. People from North Africa entered first during the third and fourth centuries, then again during the seventh and eighth centuries. Between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries, black Africans from Ghana and-Mali immigrated to Mauritania. By the late seventeenth century, Mauritania had four social groups.

The people who spoke Hassaniyya Arabic became known as the Maures. Early in the twentieth century, French forces occupied and set up a colonial administration in Mauritania, while much of the rest of the Western Sahara was controlled by Spain. However, the colony did not become fully independent until November 28, After independence, there were continuing divisions between the non-Maure black Africans and the Maures, who dominated the political system and armed forces.

In , Spain relinquished control of the Western Sahara which it had held as a territory , dividing the territory between Morocco and Mauritania.

Africa highlights: Call to free Nigeria Shia Muslim leader, Mauritius defends offshore accounts

For example, it issued audio cassettes which were smuggled into Libya with Sawt at-Talia during the s.


Couscous can be mixed with a number of sauces.

Countries With The Lowest Average Elevations

You may exchange your money for the Kuna at most Zagreb banks or at specialized stores called Foreign Exchange Bureaus.

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After trying the diet, Morton put on nearly a stone in two days and was left feeling bloated and unhealthy.

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