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Emperor Ashoka the Great

Sindhi music Sindhi music has its own unique quality. It is performed in many different ways. Sufi music is performed at shrines, and other simple music is performed at studios and gatherings. Malakhiro is one of the famous sports of Sindh. Cultural character[ edit ] The ancient Sindhi civilization was the place, where the aesthetic utilization of leisure was freely indulged. There has been evidence, that the excavations of sites dating back to BC all over Sindh is also true, around years ago when Jaina Dakshiniya Chihna AD described the distinguished features of Sindhis in this way:

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The fort dates from the 8th century CE and contains an old mosque probably dating back to the arrival of Islam in the 16th century CE. The fort provides a panoramic view of Skardu town, the Skardu valley and the Indus River. It was built by Maqpon dynasty rulers of Baltistan. It was a seven-storey building. Mostly local people say that Kharpoocho is made by a ghost as they were servants of the ruler of that time.

The name Kharpochhe means the great fort — Khar in Tibetan means castle or fort and Chhe means great.

Emperor Bindusara was passionate about culture and philosophy.

The reign of Emperor Ashoka is considered to be one of the most glorious periods in Indian history. During the first part of his reign, he worked systematically to consolidate and expand his empire. He ruled over the entire Indian subcontinent, except for the southernmost parts i. During the later part of his reign, he is largely credited and admired for spreading the message of Buddhism and peace in many parts of the world.

Although Buddhism faded in India after his death, it continued to flourish and spread in other parts of the world, primarily in East and Southeast Asia. Emperor Bindusara Maurya Emperor Ashoka remained ambitious and fearsome until the annexation of Kalinga, a feudal republic located on the coast of the present day Indian state of Odisha and northern parts of Andhra Pradesh. The war to occupy Kalinga was considered the bloodiest and most lethal that Emperor Ashoka had ever waged.

The massive loss of lives and damage left him shattered and regretful, which ultimately caused him to transform from a fierce and vengeful ruler to a peaceful and benevolent emperor. He is said to have constructed approximately 84, stupas and pillars across his empire during his lifetime. However, these inscriptions do not provide much information about his early life.

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This change of heart that Emperor Ashoka experienced was eventually reflected in his internal and foreign policies.

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He commanded several regiments of the Mauryan army.

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Hunting was also a big part of the entertainment.

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By the virtue of his parenting, he was the grandson of the Founder of the Mauryan Dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya.

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