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Antietam Creek

The stream runs for about 0. History[ edit ] The middle bridge over Antietam Creek, also near Sharpsburg, photographed September The term"Antietam" is thought to be a derivative of an Algonquian phrase meaning"swift-flowing stream". The creek was a major topographic feature during the Battle of Antietam or Sharpsburg, fought on September 17, , near the creek"s mouth. The day of the battle is known as"the day Antietam Creek ran red" due to the blood of thousands of Union casualties mixing with the creek waters. Both sides lost about a fourth of their number [6] but, despite General McClellan"s refusal to press on his attacks, [6] it served as a tactical Union victory, as Lee was forced to withdraw from Maryland. Development and water quality issues[ edit ] Most of the watershed area is relatively rural in nature, but the area surrounding Hagerstown is threatened by urban sprawl. The area is also heavily cultivated, and waste runoff from farms is a growing water quality concern. The Maryland Department of the Environment MDE has identified farm runoff as the largest source of sediment loose soil in Antietam Creek and its tributaries. The second largest source is urban runoff.

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It was that close," Mr Thomas said.

Reasons for this invasion included taking pressure off the Shenandoah Valley—"The Breadbasket of the Confederacy"—at harvest time; encouraging European support for the Confederacy by winning a battle on Northern soil; and demoralizing Northerners to reduce their support for the war while encouraging the slave-holding state of Maryland to secede and join the Confederacy. Believing the routed Union army would require time to rebuild, Lee took the bold step of dividing his own army, sending portions of it to capture various objectives.

James Longstreet, proceeded on the road toward Sharpsburg. Lee informed his commanders of their routes and objectives in Order No. In a series of events too strange to be believable in fiction, a copy of Order No. The marching orders were taken to Union Maj. Whatever his flaws as a field commander,"Little Mac" was an organizer who had the confidence of his troops. On September 12, the Army of Virginia was disbanded and absorbed into the Army of the Potomac, with McClellan as the commander—John Pope was sent to Minnesota to fight Indians— and he had the army ready for action sooner than Lee had anticipated.

The defenders were pushed out by dusk, at a cost of 2, Union casualties and 3, Confederates. At that time, Lee had only some 18, effectives around Sharpsburg. Had McClellan attacked with his 75, man army, or even the troops now atop South Mountain, the Southerners would have had little chance. Instead, fearing Lee might outnumber him, he moved his men to the ridges east of Antietam Creek, where he paused to let them rest.

Battle Of Antietam

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Because the Indians in the camp might escape—the greatest concern to the frontier army while on campaign—Custer ordered his force forward to the attack.

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“Sure scared me!” Firefighters from multiple departments battle blaze at barn in Wind Lake

Stung personally and professionally by an ill-advised affair, PR guru Jillian Matlock arrived in town via golden parachute. And Jill may yet be lured back to Silicon Valley… No one arrives in Virgin River without a story, and no one leaves—if they ever do—unchanged. Originally published February

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The militia"s attack on a Creek supply train at Burnt Corn Creek in Alabama brought the United States into a bloody conflict that is remembered today as the Creek War of The civil war among the Creeks started after a new religion exploded among certain towns the nation. The famed Shawnee leader Tecumseh had visited the Creeks in to solicit their participation in an alliance of tribe. United, he said, the American Indian tribes could defend their lands against the westward expansion of the United States.

Tecumseh at that time was a secondary figure in the movement. The Shawnee"s words were not immediately taken to heart by the Creeks, but during the winter of the new religion began to catch fire in the nation. Under the leadership of the Creek Prophet, Josiah Francis, thousands became followers of Tenskwatawa"s teachings. The new religion encouraged Native American peoples to return to their traditional lifestyles and disavow anything associated with the whites.

The latter individuals favored the"civilization" program promoted by U. Indian Agent Benjamin Hawkins. A civil war erupted among the Creeks after the Big Warrior and other traditional chiefs ordered the executions of some of the Red Sticks.

Oak Creek fire: Fully-engulfed barn blaze under control near Howell and Elm; no injuries

The Friends of Pennypack Park sponsored this project. The history was written by Harvey R. Wheatsheaf Tavern, Bustleton and Cottman Avenue in Ruins of the La Grange Print Works to the left.

Also attending the test was Edward Zimmerman, a lawyer and military law specialist.

This shot is described as British in origin by the author. Original patina, square bar. This shot has been in a old Colonial New York State collection. Shot marked on both ends. An extremely rare site of the Siege of Boston Scalloped flap, small wear hole in top right portion of flap, curved design to fit on waist. The tinned tube type manufacture started during the Revolutionary War. From an old Virginia collection.

This box has definitely seen use with good honest wear A usually nice example

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Background[ edit ] The Red Stick militancy was a response to the increasing United States cultural and territorial encroachment into their traditional lands. The alternate designation as the Creek Civil War comes from the divisions within the tribe over cultural, political, economic, and geographic matters. The Lower Creek were trading partners with the United States, and unlike the Upper Creeks had adopted more of their cultural practices.

The Park is approximately 8 miles in length and at the maximum width of one mile between the Krewstown and Verree Road areas.

Walker"s ancestors came to America in from Staffordshire, England, and settled in Tidewater, Virginia, where the family prospered as respectable plantation owners. Thomas was educated at the College of William and Mary and then studied medicine under his brother-in-law, Dr. George Gilmer of Williamsburg, a medical graduate of Edinburgh University.

Mildred was also a second cousin to George Washington. The couple had 12 children. Walker was physician to Thomas Jefferson"s father, Peter Jefferson. After Peter"s death, Walker became Thomas Jefferson"s guardian. Peter Jefferson, like many of the wealthy Virginia gentlemen of the time, had spent much of his life exploring and surveying. It was perhaps through this long association with the elder Jefferson that Thomas Walker acquired his love for exploration, a fondness that he shared with the young Thomas Jefferson.

Walker developed great skill and reputation as an explorer and surveyor and in led an expedition as far west as present-day Kingsport, Tennessee. In March , he led another expedition through present-day Kentucky that lasted four months. In he became the head of the Loyal Land Company, a position he held until his death.

Thomas Walker was a physician, planter, trader, surveyor, cartographer, and explorer. He also served in the House of Burgesses, in local government, and in the Fredericksville Parish.

Georgia History: Overview

The battle took place between the U. Cavalry and northern tribe Indians, including the Cheyenne, Sioux, and Arapaho. Prior to the battle of Little Bighorn in Montana, the tribal armies, under the direction of Sitting Bull, had decided to wage war against the whites for their refusal to stay off of tribal lands in the Black Hills.

Indian participants such as Gall, Red Horse, Kill Eagle and Thunder Hawk mentioned women and children being killed and tepees set afire.

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Wild Man Creek

Mr Thomas, 91, has waited 70 years to tell his version of the battle, which involved German General Kurt Student"s paratroopers and soldiers from many countries — including Kiwis — out of respect to the descendants of the two New Zealanders he believes contributed significantly to the loss of the battle. Mr Thomas told The Dominion Post that for 70 years since the battle, which he took part in as a second-lieutenant with the 23rd Battalion stationed near Maleme, he had steadfastly adhered to the code of loyalty to his fellow officers.

For that reason he had never criticised brother officers publicly.

It is believed that Lee had no more than 40, men at Sharpsburg.

The Great Depression and World War II Meanwhile, Boll Weevil Dusting for all the talk of progress and prosperity emanating from Atlanta and other cities, conditions in the countryside went from bad to worse. The boll weevil became a major problem upon its introduction to the state in and led to a precipitous drop in cotton production, with the number of bales produced in only about a fourth of the number produced five years earlier. During the s more than , residents, almost all black, migrated to other parts of the country, and between and nearly half the state"s agricultural workers had abandoned farming.

The Great Depression and the New Deal policies imposed to remedy its effects were equally transformative in their impact on Georgia agriculture. Roosevelt was fully Roosevelts in Atlanta familiar with the plight of rural Georgians from his years of polio treatments at Warm Springs , both prior to and throughout his presidency. Inaugurated in , Roosevelt created the Agricultural Adjustment Administration during his first days in office as an attempt to raise crop prices by lowering agricultural production.

An unintended consequence of the policy, however, was to put farmers out of work, causing even greater numbers to seek other means of employment.

Battle Creek, MI 2016

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